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3 Golf Net: Which Are The Best To Buy?

3 Golf Net: Which Are The Best To Buy?

There are a lot of choices out there on the market for golf nets, and unfortunately, a lot of them are terrible products. One often wonders when looking at some of these nets if they were designed by golfers! Here are 3 designs to avoid at all costs and some considerations to help you find a quality net. You can also look for the best golf practice nets via

1) The "Too Tight" Design- If a golf net is designed with a backing that is extremely tight, then only 2 things can happen with this net. First, the ball is going to ricochet back at you! Second, if you hit it hard enough, it won't ricochet, it will tear. Obviously the harder you hit the ball, the worse it is going to be.

2) Polyurethane Sheet Backing- Polyurethane sheets are less resistant to tearing than a quality nylon net, and can fray, tear, and rip in just a few hits depending on how hard a golfer hits the ball.

3) Cheaply Priced- Everyone wants to get more for their money. But in the case of golf nets, cheaper is almost ALWAYS worse. Read customer reviews carefully for cheaper models, and you'll most likely see people complain about hitting the neighbor's house on the 3rd shot into the net! Beware.

Quality Golf Nets- A quality golf net will have a sturdy nylon netting or a proprietary design and fabric for the netting that is nice and loose at the point of impact.

Other higher quality designs will have interlocking aluminum poles that are simple to take apart and put up, with much better quality.

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