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All About Parents Rights Lawyer

All About Parents Rights Lawyer

Almost all addictions start when a person contacts a child protection center. Calls to child abuse hotlines are confidential, so parents may never know exactly who is calling. It could be from other police officers, neighbors, or teachers. In some cases, it comes from an abusive family member or parent who is not a guardian.

Many child abuse complaints are legitimate and reasonable, some malicious and false. However, investigating child abuse is something that should be taken very seriously and you should consult an experienced attorney as appropriate. You can also send messages online to your lawyer to get legal help.

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An attorney with experience in addiction and child custody should be able to answer some of your questions immediately and possibly even prevent child custody. Some parents can be helped quickly with little or no effort.

Sometimes CPI investigations can be lengthy or complex. If you have any questions, you can always contact them.

Child relocation, child protection services, and shelter hearings

The Addiction Act, codified in Chapter 39 of the Florida Statute, is an applicable law that is triggered when child protection services suspect that a child or children are at risk of abuse, or neglect.

Under Florida law, any reports of potential child abuse or neglect made to law enforcement agencies or the Florida Child Violence Hotline must be investigated within 24 hours of the report being published. 

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