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Coated Versus Uncoated The Difference Between the Card Stocks

Coated Versus Uncoated The Difference Between the Card Stocks

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When choosing the right product for your commercial print products, understanding paper stocks is an essential factor. Coated card stocks are quite similar to the uncoated ones in terms of look and feel but are not exactly the same. There’s an extra layer on the coated stock that makes it less porous and the ink falls differently on it. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand the differentiation and make a better selection.

Coated Paper Stock

Coated paper comes with a slight to a high shine and a glossy or matte finish. It is resistant to water, dirt, and wear and tear and makes the printed color appear brighter. In comparison with the uncoated stock, this one keeps your collateral appear professional and crispier for a longer period. It does so by absorbing fewer colors, resulting in crisper and sharper print results. This is an ideal paper stock used by photographers, restaurants, designers, and artists. However, you can’t write on a coated paper that easily and the glare could be higher too. Though you can opt for a matte finish to reduce the glare effect.

Uncoated Paper Stock

As it might be clear by now, uncoated stock absorbs more ink and isn’t as smooth as its coated counterpart. Businesses use this stock for printing envelopes, letterheads, and business cards where one can easily write. Plus, they also produce that elegant and classy look. Search for commercial printers near me to find various samples of uncoated printed material like brochures, booklets, menus, and bookmarks among others.

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