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Commercial Fencing With Sliding Gates

Commercial Fencing With Sliding Gates

Many styles of commercial fencing have sliding gates on them rather than traditional swinging gates. Sliding gates take up less room when they are being opened and closed than the traditional style gates take up so more commercial property owners choose them.

On a commercial property, every inch of space that you have is required in order for you to be able to make the most of the property.

Commercial fence in Edmonton with sliding gates can be constructed in many different designs to suit the needs of the merchant. There is the possibility of having this type of fencing being electrical so that you have added security. These fences are generally used when security measures have to be extreme in high-risk areas.

They are also used when the contents that the people are protecting are at a high risk of being stolen or damaged.

The electrical charge that surges through these types of fences will not kill people, but there are warning signs that must be posted, and if the person that touches it has a pre-existing condition the electrical charge could do significant damage to them physically.

These fences are also not a good idea if small children are going to be exposed to the enclosure on a regular basis.

Sliding gates work well where there is a need for automated gates. When you want to save the driver the inconvenience of getting in, and out, of their vehicle, to open, and close, the gate, automated gates are the answer.

A large number of commercial properties have this system installed for their customer's convenience. Some of them have a keypad system that the customer drives up to and they have the option of pressing to speak to someone, pressing a button that opens the gate, or pressing a series of numbers on a number pad to unlock the entrance.

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