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Funny Kids Stories With Moral Themes

Funny Kids Stories With Moral Themes

Apparently, funny kids stories with moral lessons by the ending are supposed to evoke laughter at the first instance and then to inspire deeper notions about kids and their delightful characters. 

You will even exude the joys of being a child again and, in the process, gain a better perspective on love, logic, and life. Here are a few exceptional examples of such funny kids stories. You can find more inspiring short stories with morals via

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Kids' Logic

Kids being kids, their perception is more different than adults and, so, can be hilarious to adults. The lesson from these funny kids stories with morals is really for adults to continue to keep their heads receptive to how children view and explain the world and the people around them. You never understand when hilarity can guarantee following a seemingly simple adult-and-kid interaction.

• Little Paul was known to run in and out of chambers at your home while hammering the doors, one of the other mischiefs. His mum finally grew exasperated and asked him "how can you hope to get into heaven?"

(His mum was probably saying the same to him, a theme most often replicated in lots of comical kids stories where kids are partial to using girls' words against them.)

Children' Accept Religion

Remember that kids see religion through moms' instructions about the subject and, consequently, their views are simplistic.

• Since the preacher's dull sermon dragged to one hour, little Casey became restless. Finally, she whispered in her mother's ear but it was loud enough to be heard from people sitting nearby, "Mom, if we give Pastor Robert the amount of cash, will he stop talking and let's go?"

• Youthful Peter told his mum he wished to become a preacher when he climbs up. His mother asked him why and he answered, "Well, I figured it's much far better to stand out and yell at people than sit down and be yelled at."

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