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General Skilled Migration Program Australia

General Skilled Migration Program Australia

The new laws and stipulations for General Skilled Migration Program Australia have been linked with the Skill Select platform and concept. All the old classifications have been either scrapped or have been merged into a leaner and more compact class definition.

People willing to file their requests for skills immigration under the erstwhile GSM scheme must place their applications as per the new manifestation of the general skills immigration scheme policy. You can get more info about business migration program via

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Now instead of a gigantic and confusing regulatory mechanism a leaner and mean and compact classification system has been installed. The current system does not discriminate between the applicants and does not stipulate filing under different classes based on the status of current residence i.e. filing from inside the shores or from outside the Australian borders. You must create your EOI under a specific classification if you are opting for a specific program.

The SkillSelect platform manifests all classes of immigration within its folds and creates a simpler procedure for the applications. The guidelines have been elaborated explicitly and applicants can refer to the FAQ sections for relevant answers to their queries.

 The edition Australia General Skilled Migration 2013 bases its complete process on required trade tabulations in form of SOL and CSOL and your profession must be indicated as required in the SOL i.e. the classification defines the premise of all occupations but what you require to know is that whether the trade you are practicing is in demand in the country and is facing a shortage in availability of manpower in the domestic labor pool.

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