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How to Choose a Nutritionist

How to Choose a Nutritionist

Nutritionist's Job

A Nutritionist is a health professional who works professionally with food science and nutrition, covering aspects such as disease and malnutrition as well as preventive nutrition.

Nutritionists also advise people on nutrition-related issues for optimal nutrition and general physical well-being. Many people call themselves qualified nutritionists, but some are not reliable and effective in their work. You can contact a certified nutritionist from

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You need to know how to find the right one so you can always be sure that you are getting reasonable and reliable advice. Here are tips on how to find a nutritionist.

Factors To Consider

* Educational Success – Like other health and science careers, nutritionists must undergo rigorous and comprehensive educational training to provide adequate services to their clients. Ideally, a good nutritionist should have a Ph.D. or be a Registered Dietitian (RD). 

* Licensing – Some states have laws that require nutritionists to be licensed before they can practice health care. Find out if these laws exist in your location and check with your state's licensing agency to make sure your prospective nutritionist is registered if a license is required.

* Basis of Recommendation – All advice and diet plans gave by your nutritionist should be based on something reliable or factual. Nutritionists usually base their recommendations on the most recent federal government dietary guidelines. 

* Experience – Check how long the nutritionist has been on duty. Experienced nutritionists, especially those with many clients, can certainly be relied on. 

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