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How to Mount Your Flat Panel TV

How to Mount Your Flat Panel TV

Mounting your flat panel television is easy and takes about an hour. The quality of work is crucial to the stability and fate of your flat panel TV. If the set is not professionally installed, gravity could bring it down, and that could lead to your loss of dream purchase. 

You should be cautious, make sure you have the correct tools, and mount the appropriate instruments before you start setting up. You can also get in touch with skillful television mounting experts to mount your Flat Panel TV.

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Different TV mounts come with different weight ratings. These are used to help you choose the right fit for your TV. The mount's weight rating is the maximum weight it can support. Check the weight of your plasma or LCD TV first. Although LCD TVs are generally lighter than plasmas, all large televisions still have substantial weight.

Also, TV mounts cannot be installed on hollow walls. To locate the location where your set can be mounted, you can use a stud-finder. Single studs are able to withstand televisions weighing eighty pounds and less. 

Mounting anything heavier than 80 pounds requires two studs. You should also carefully choose the location on the wall. This will ensure that the TV screen does not get the sun's glares.

Two main components would make up a TV mount. The first part would attach to your wall, while the second would go on top of your TV. To mark the location of the holes, the wall bracket should be used.

To attach the screws to the studs, ensure that you have large-duty screws and a socket wrench. After both brackets have been secured, you will need to lift the TV onto the wall with enough help.

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