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How To Train A Puppy For Potty?

How To Train A Puppy For Potty?

Potty training should begin with developing a schedule that both you and your dog can follow. You may also wish to use a repeatable phrase, such as “bathroom” or “potty,” each time you take your dog to the elimination area so that they learn to associate that word with the action.

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Here are some do’s of potty training a dog. Follow these tips and you'll be potty training your puppy or adult dog before you know it!

Bring your puppy often

New puppies, especially those under 12 weeks of age, should be brought out every hour or two. Before 12 weeks of age, puppies are still developing the muscles needed to keep excretion going. It is also a good habit to take your puppy outside after sleeping, playing, eating, or drinking.

Stick to the meal plan

It is usually recommended that you feed your puppy twice a day. Feed each meal at the same time each day. Dogs will naturally leave as soon as they are fed, so developing a consistent feeding schedule can avoid confusion and accidents around the house.

Use chest training as a pot training aid 

Crate training is a very effective tool that not only helps to potty train your puppy but also creates a safe place for your puppy. Dogs are cave animals by nature, so their instincts will tell them to find a quiet place to eat and rest at the end of the day.

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