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How to Use Tanning Water

How to Use Tanning Water

The healthiest tanning option is to use tanning water. Tanning water is a solution that you apply to your skin to get a tan. It contains the same chemicals as regular tanning beds, but they are in a diluted form. This means that tanning water is less likely to cause skin cancer. 

To use self tanning water, you will need: 

-A cup or bottle of tanning water

-A spray bottle

-Sunscreen (optional)

-Your favorite sun protection cream or lotion

Different brands and where to buy it

Tanning is a popular summer activity. But what are the healthiest tanning options? According to a study in "PLoS One," indoor tanning using ultraviolet (UV) light is not as safe as people think.

The study found that using tanning beds increases the risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. 

The best way to avoid skin cancer is to get a regular sunburn every year. But if you can't manage that, there are other safe tanning options. "PLoS One" recommends using sunless tanning products, which use a filtered form of UV light. These products are less risky than using UV tanning beds, and they give you a natural-looking tan. You can buy sunless tanning products at most pharmacies or online.

With a high water content, tanning water helps hydrate the skin at the same time as it works its tanning magic.

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