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Important Points to Consider When Taking a First-Aid Certificate Course

Important Points to Consider When Taking a First-Aid Certificate Course

There are many companies and institutions that offer first aid training. This means you have many options. But it is important to make the right choice. You don't know much about first aid training if you haven't attended it before.

Make sure that you are looking for a first aid certificate course. This course must adhere to the Red Cross guidelines, American Heart Association guidelines, and Health and Human Services guidelines. These classes are only accepted by healthcare facilities and credentialing services and are nationally recognized. This aspect should be of particular concern to vendors since the first aid certification course is required for their credentialing courses.

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  • After passing the final exam and successfully completing a first-aid certification course, you will be awarded two certificates. A wallet card indicating that the owner has been trained in basic life support and a first-aid diploma that you may hang on your wall.
  • Anyone who is interested in first aid training should be aware that certificates can expire after 2 years. First aid protocols change frequently and applicants must adhere to these changes. While some companies provide free updates, most applicants will need to complete a requalification course to be able to meet the new standards.
  • There are special packages offered by some healthcare training companies that include both the CPR and first aid courses at a reduced price. You will be pleased to know that both courses can be completed in just over an hour if you have a hectic schedule. Many companies now offer these courses online.

Although first aid courses are generally not expensive, you may be eligible for certain deductions such as discounts at the University, non-profit organizations, and groups. You can also request your money back if you are unhappy with the way the training was done.

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