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Kids Need Adventure – Parents Need to Teach Them How

Kids Need Adventure – Parents Need to Teach Them How

It’s said that over half of children have never camped out, not even in their back garden, nor laid down to watch the stars in the night sky or have watched the sun rise. You can to your kids for adventure via / look at these shocking stats from this poll of 1500 parents and 1103 kids :

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– 50% of kids had never taken part in any adventure sports.

– 41% of kids had never taken part in a scavenger hunt.

– 44% of parents played outside as a child more than their kids do.

– 38% of parents said they’re more protective of kids than their parents were.

– 40% of parents said they don’t have the time or money to do adventurous activities with their kids.

Of course it’s hard to know how generalisable such findings are but in this sample there’s more than a hint of cotton wool parenting. But should we be bothered? Does it really matter if kids don’t adventure?

Well we think yes. The value of outdoor adventures, little or large, cannot be underestimated. And it’s not just about thrills and spills or building a bank of rose tinted memories of childhood. Whether it’s building a tree house, sitting out to watch the stars, camping in the yard, or exploring the local environment on foot or by bike; active adventures bring real health and developmental benefits.

When children are helped and allowed to experience risk in a controlled environment it helps develop their ability to deal with it and builds self-confidence.

It helps children become resilient and gives them independence to think for themselves.” Who doesn’t want that for the children? Active adventure helps develop healthy, resilient, independent kids, it readies them for dealing with the big wide world.