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Know About Myofunctional Therapy In Toronto

Know About Myofunctional Therapy In Toronto

Myofunctional Therapy is not something that many people are familiar with. It all starts with infants. When they are breastfed, their tongues stick out. This is where the problems can start.

Infants learn to swallow and eat when their teeth come out. However, some babies have difficulty with this transition and developmental disorders that are difficult to treat.  Hence, myofunctional treatment in Toronto would correct the muscles in the mouth, throat, and face.

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Tongue thrust, which refers to the tendency of our tongues to move forward or sideways when we swallow food, is a common condition that occurs during this difficult transition.

Reverse swallowing is a form of pressure on the teeth that can cause problems with the mouth, soft tissue condition, and the position of the teeth.

If you have any of these symptoms, such as difficulty taking pills or firmer food, constant mouth breathing or advanced nasal stiffness, or oral muscle strain or imbalance, there are several ways to determine if your tongue thrust is real.

Because there are so many types of this disorder, each treatment must be tailored to the individual. The therapy involves correcting swallowing and correct muscle movement.

It also helps to develop normal oral rest positions. This can take a lot of time. Infants and young children must learn to cope with this painful experience.

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