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Printer Hacks you Should be Aware of

Printer Hacks you Should be Aware of

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One of the coolest and finest electronic gadgets considered is a printer. It is that electronic device that helps in printing study materials, documents, images, PDF files etc. With just a touch of a button, your print is ready by your printer. However, printer isn’t just a device that prints documents as there are more. Here are some of the printer hacks you should be aware of.

  1. You can Squeeze the Cartridge with your Hands – The ink cartridge is one of the most expensive components about a printer. Amateur printer owners make the mistake of changing the cartridge as soon as they see the warning sign. Rather than changing asap, you may want to use your hands allowing you to squeeze the cartridge. Doing this will help you to print that important document needed to be printed on an urgent basis.
  2. You can use the Economy Mode – Consider using the economy mode to your advantage. For instance; you can use this mode in order to print documents that does not require detailed printing. Moreover, this mode is also about giving you the opportunity of going easy on the cartridge.
  3. You can Use a Hairdryer to Squeeze the Cartridge – Apart from using your hands, you also have the option of using a hairdryer to squeeze the ink from your ink cartridge. This is an effective method as the ink that is dry can be melted with the use of a hairdryer. This helps you to get a few documents printed when required.

Consider using these hacks for your commercial printers in Brisbane as soon as possible.

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