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Common Problems That Orthodontists Face

• There are many problems with misaligned teeth. They can affect a person's language, ability to chew properly, and oral hygiene.

As previously noted, the job of an orthodontist in San Jose is to correct this distinction. But what really causes the difference?

• An example of a common cause of misalignment is a bad bite. This means that the lower half of the teeth is outside the upper half of the teeth.

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This condition is known as anterior-posterior deviation and affects the patient's ability to chew properly.

• Overcrowding is another example of an obstacle for the patient that an orthodontist must overcome. Tightness occurs when there is not enough space in the jawbone to align all the teeth properly.

This is one of the biggest challenges orthodontists face, but they use a number of different treatments to fix it.

• Sometimes the patient's body shape itself can cause a bad bite. Then, the orthodontist will have to readjust your jaw, teeth, and lips to solve the problem.

How do orthodontists solve this problem?

• The most popular way for orthodontists to solve the above problems is to put braces on the patient's teeth.

The brackets are usually made of another metal or invisible material and have an arc attached to the teeth to keep them aligned for a period of time, usually between six months and two years.