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Why Folding Arm Awnings Are The Best Option For Outdoor Spaces.

folding arm awnings cover image

Folding arm awnings are characterised by their extendable arm that folds out as the awning is wound out. These awnings are one of the best options for outdoor spaces because of their versatility and durability. They are a great way to decorate your house and business, yet at the same time provide an extra room like an addition that keeps people shaded from the sun. Let's explore the design options of folding arm awnings and the price benefits. 

Folding Arm Awning Options

Folding arm awnings are wound in and out, using a crankshaft or through a motor, which can be operated by a switch or remote control device. They come in a range of fabrics that ensure they are suitable for a variety of weather conditions including rain or sun. Awnings can also be ordered in a variety of colours to match almost any exterior space.

Awnings are made from sturdy fabric to ensure the sun or rain does not cause them to deteriorate. Caution must be exercised, though, as strong winds can cause damage to the awning. As such, it is suggested that folding arm awnings are stowed in their away position when not in use. 


Folding arm awnings are generally made out of strong, long-lasting materials and are of high quality that is built to last many years of use. The cost will be higher when using a blinds company to measure and make the awning fit the required area. Using a professional would be the recommended method of installation, however, this will mean that they will fetch a heftier price than other varieties. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you should consider looking at do-it-yourself options where you purchase and install the awning yourself. 


Folding arm awnings are a great option for most outdoor areas because of the types of folding mechanisms but, more importantly, the types of fabric. The fabric makes them more durable to sun and rain alike, although, caution needs to be taken relating to the wind. Finally, they are a great cost option, even more so if you are willing to do the job yourself.