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Go Cart Instructions & Safety For Your Children’s

Once you receive your travel stroller, make sure it is properly assembled and complete the warranty process with the manufacturer, here are some important safety tips that will help you ensure a safe and enjoyable stroller experience!

1. Operating Rules

This would violate local laws. This vehicle may only be operated in private ownership and in areas permitted by local law. Avoid driving a berg pedal go-kart in areas with immovable objects where the vehicle can move. Do not enter areas where other recreational vehicles are being used. Respect landowners and the environment.

2. Always check before you travel

WARNING – Perform this pre-drive check before operating the vehicle. Failure to do so could result in serious damage to the vehicle or personal injury.

3. ENGINE OIL LEVEL: Add oil if necessary. Check for leaks. Tighten the filler cap securely.

4. FUEL LEVEL: Add fuel if necessary. Do not overfill (no fuel in filler neck). Attach the lid firmly. Check for leaks. Do not mix oil with gasoline.

WARNING – Do not charge the stroller motor while it is hot. Spilled fuel can ignite and cause a fire. Do not fill the gas tank in an enclosed place such as a garage. After filling the tank, move the vehicle at least 4.5 m from the filling point before you start.

5. BRAKES – DO BRAKE TEST: Have the operator sit on the seat and then push the vehicle from behind. After the vehicle is moving, ask the driver to press the brake pedal. The vehicle must stop. WARNING – Operate the carriage only if the brakes are working properly.