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The Advantages of Light Wood Frame Construction

Lightwood frame construction is a popular method of building homes across the world. Timber, plywood, and technical products are easily accessible everywhere. This makes this construction efficient and cost-effective compared to other residential buildings. 

You can look upon the best “home with wood architecture and design” (also known as “hjem av wood arkitektur og design” in Norwegian language) for the construction of wood-frame designs for your home.

Because of the repeatability and simplicity of this method, architects and carpenters can use diagrams and instructions to determine the size and member requirements. Again, this is inexpensive because engineers are not needed in every home.

The elements that make up a large house are relatively small. All wood and plywood products can be arranged and transported by regular trucks. The material can be moved over all-terrain by forklift and, if necessary, by hand. 

This is advantageous because large walls and floors can be installed at the site of smaller items and are easier to use. A wooden frame house is a very redundant system.

If an item is removed or compromised, catastrophic damage is unlikely. For example, the wall consists of several vertical nails. If the window opening is cut from above without proper support, then most likely the entire wall will not be damaged.