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How Can You Avoid Pedestrian Accidents?

The number of pedestrian-car accidents in Toronto has increased dramatically in recent weeks. There is a high risk of serious injury or death in the event of a collision between a motorized vehicle and a pedestrian. You can be safe from such incidents if you get decorative surface coatings, decorative crosswalks or decorative sidewalks.

Top Ways to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents - Tramontozzi Law

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Often, drivers cannot see pedestrians on the road or drive in a way that is detrimental to pedestrians. Injuries often include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord or severe orthopedic injuries, and limb amputations. Most fatal accidents occur as a result of pedestrian injuries resulting from an impact to the head in a vehicle or on the road.

Drivers should pay special attention in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic such as school areas or shopping centers. A common cause of motor vehicle accidents is when a turning vehicle does not see pedestrians crossing the pedestrian path. Too often drivers interact with other vehicles and ignore pedestrian controls.

Pedestrians should also be careful when crossing the road. Pedestrians should always obey road or pedestrian signs and never walk on sidewalks as this increases the likelihood of being a different statistic. 

The simplest advice is what every good parent tries to teach their child, and that is, look in both directions before crossing the street. In colder weather, people often appear to be in a hurry and care less about maintaining their own safety when crossing intersections and parking lots.