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What Are Bolt Handles And How Do They Work?

Bolt handles are typically used on bolt-action rifles to facilitate easy cycling of the bolt. Bolt handles may be permanently fixed to the rifle, or they may be removable and interchangeable with other bolts. 

Bolt handles are designed in different shapes and sizes for different purposes and shooting styles. From a Tikka Rifle to a bolt handle, if you're looking for quality gear online, look no further than Bolt Handles. If you want to purchase a bolt handles gun, visit

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Bolt handles are an essential part of many firearms, and they play a vital role in the function of the gun. We will also briefly discuss the different types of bolt handles available on the market today. So, if you’re looking to replace the current bolt handle on your gun or just want to learn a little more about what they’re used for, you’ve come to the right place.

A bolt handle is typically located on top of the bolt assembly, which is a piece of metal and/or polymer that the shooter moves back and forth inside the receiver in order to eject or cycle a spent round, load a new round into the chamber and then lock the slide in place. 

The Biggest Bolt HandlesThe size of your bolt handle will depend on what type of firearm you have and what brand you own. It can be small or large, depending on how much space there is in the receiver for a bigger handle.