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Reasons For Using A Commissary Kitchen

Cost versus benefit

Although the rates may look costly by the hour (typically between $15 and $30), there are a number of advantages bundled into the commissary kitchen package.

You don't have to spend on appliances, refrigerators, storage space, and all the other costs associated with managing your own kitchen. You can also look for the best commissary kitchen in Austin via

And you don't have to worry about inspections and paperwork for commercial kitchen approval and regulation.

When you pay a fixed rate, you have a better idea of your initial costs than worrying about high electricity bills or unexpected repairs. This can make forecasting in your business plan easier and more predictable.

Another advantage of the kitchen is its general nature. You will have access to expensive equipment that you may not be able to buy yourself, and you may be able to reduce material costs by working with other users to take advantage of economies of scale. 

By grouping orders, you can minimize shipping costs and receive orders above the vendor threshold.

License and Insurance

As a commissary kitchen tenant, you must maintain your own hygiene and food handling practices, but you don't have to worry about food safety approvals and certifications in the kitchen, as this is done by the kitchen operator as part of your rental fee. 

You'll avoid property-related headaches like fire inspections, land use restrictions, FDA regulations, and USDA requirements. You should have your own liability insurance, but you won't have the expense of insuring and securing all of your property and equipment stored there.