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Hair Loss Products For Women – Hair Loss Tips

There are lots of causes of hair loss in ladies like vitamin deficiencies, crash food, malnutrition, hormonal diseases, powerful medications, stresses, and genetics or hereditary.

Hair loss products for girls often come in topical remedies or serums such as the minoxidil 2 percent concentration. To know about laser hair therapy you can visit

The widespread cause of hair loss in women is androgenic alopecia or better called female pattern hair loss that makes the hormone dihydrotestosterone the major culprit of this debilitating condition.

Female pattern baldness is usually experienced by elderly women aged 50 to 60. This form of hair loss will exhibit a distinctive pattern on women's heads, especially on the crown area as general diffuse baldness.

With time, the scalp is gradually denuded since the hairs on the surface of the head are influenced by the damaging effects of the dihydrotestosterone which causes it to slowly narrow. DHT is a by-product of the male hormone testosterone that converts to a much potent hormone with the help of the 5 alpha-reductase enzymes.

In clinical trials, DHT has been the primary culprit of baldness in women for the last years and scientists have fabricated active hair loss products for girls that essentially contain DHT inhibitors. The two percent minoxidil topical concentration is particularly meant for women's use.

It functions as dihydrotestosterone in the scalp, which effectively contains the DHT build up and may too stimulate hair growth. This is used twice daily, once in the day and in the evening before going to bed.