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Is overpronation of the feet a problem?

One thing you find in the running community is a whole lot of misguided beliefs and misconceptions about training, running injuries as well as athletic shoes. This produces a lot of harmful information getting given by those not qualified to give it and also the taking up of that information by those runners who are not in a position to evaluate should the advice is good or otherwise. One of them common myths is the idea of “overpronation” and what that has got to do with overuse injuries and also running footwear. You can read in certain places that overpronation is bad and it is an enemy to the athlete and has to be eradicated by any means. On the contrary, you could also learn that it's a non-event and absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

Pronation is mostly a normal healthy motion during which when the foot hits the ground the ankle joint rolls inwards and also the mid-foot collapses. Nothing is wrong with this movement which is the way the feet absorbs impact as well as adjusts to the floor. Overpronation is actually if you experience an excessive amount of this movement. The initial issue with this is that there is no description or agreement in regards to what is too much, so that is a problem. Overpronation is considered being a risk factor for a lots of excessive use injuries which runners have due to the biomechanical problems that it's supposed to cause. However , many who overpronate aren't getting any disorders, others do get problems, so this is considered a problem. Foot supports along with other various kinds of treatments were intended to take care of the difficulties. Because this was considered an important problem, then the entire family of running footwear, the motion control running footwear possess design functions which are expected to help manage the overpronation movement of the feet which will help prevent these kinds of running injury. The evidence this is the thing that truly occurs may not be good. Consequently, this leads to a whole lot of disagreement.

Within the context of these arguments one must always look at what the systematic reviews of all the research are showing. The most recent ones do confirm that overpronation is an issue, nevertheless, it is only a smaller issue, yet that is still statistically important. This means there are plenty of additional factors involved in the overuse injuries in athletes than simply the overpronation.

Another trouble with the issue will be that everyone thinks they are an authority on it and each of them knows how to fix it. You will find numerous reasons behind overpronation and due to that there are not going to be one method that will correct it. Many pretend experts like to propose that building up the hip and the muscles there are definitely the solution. That could just work if that is where the concern is. Should the problem is as a consequence of restricted leg muscles, then nothing you do at the hip is going to fix it. Foot supports will not work for tight calf muscles either. The single thing that may help them is normally heel lifts in the short term and stretching out for the long term. For those who have overpronation and it ought to be taken care of, ignore the rubbish online and go and see somebody that in fact knows what they are doing.