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Printer Hacks you Should be Aware of

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One of the coolest and finest electronic gadgets considered is a printer. It is that electronic device that helps in printing study materials, documents, images, PDF files etc. With just a touch of a button, your print is ready by your printer. However, printer isn’t just a device that prints documents as there are more. Here are some of the printer hacks you should be aware of.

  1. You can Squeeze the Cartridge with your Hands – The ink cartridge is one of the most expensive components about a printer. Amateur printer owners make the mistake of changing the cartridge as soon as they see the warning sign. Rather than changing asap, you may want to use your hands allowing you to squeeze the cartridge. Doing this will help you to print that important document needed to be printed on an urgent basis.
  2. You can use the Economy Mode – Consider using the economy mode to your advantage. For instance; you can use this mode in order to print documents that does not require detailed printing. Moreover, this mode is also about giving you the opportunity of going easy on the cartridge.
  3. You can Use a Hairdryer to Squeeze the Cartridge – Apart from using your hands, you also have the option of using a hairdryer to squeeze the ink from your ink cartridge. This is an effective method as the ink that is dry can be melted with the use of a hairdryer. This helps you to get a few documents printed when required.

Consider using these hacks for your commercial printers in Brisbane as soon as possible.

Coated Versus Uncoated The Difference Between the Card Stocks

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When choosing the right product for your commercial print products, understanding paper stocks is an essential factor. Coated card stocks are quite similar to the uncoated ones in terms of look and feel but are not exactly the same. There’s an extra layer on the coated stock that makes it less porous and the ink falls differently on it. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand the differentiation and make a better selection.

Coated Paper Stock

Coated paper comes with a slight to a high shine and a glossy or matte finish. It is resistant to water, dirt, and wear and tear and makes the printed color appear brighter. In comparison with the uncoated stock, this one keeps your collateral appear professional and crispier for a longer period. It does so by absorbing fewer colors, resulting in crisper and sharper print results. This is an ideal paper stock used by photographers, restaurants, designers, and artists. However, you can’t write on a coated paper that easily and the glare could be higher too. Though you can opt for a matte finish to reduce the glare effect.

Uncoated Paper Stock

As it might be clear by now, uncoated stock absorbs more ink and isn’t as smooth as its coated counterpart. Businesses use this stock for printing envelopes, letterheads, and business cards where one can easily write. Plus, they also produce that elegant and classy look. Search for commercial printers near me to find various samples of uncoated printed material like brochures, booklets, menus, and bookmarks among others.

Illustrate your vibrant brand in print!

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Advert graphics are the face of your brand in the modern-day. Your ad needs to create an impact, so much that they remember your brand, out of the hundreds of ads, they come across. A memorable printed advert requires high definition images and eye-catching designs. You may have a vague idea of what you would like these adverts to look like, but you may find yourself disappointed with the results if the design is not handled by an experienced professional. 

Your business deserves the best, and the best can help you etch your advert design ideas right out of your wildest imagination onto paper. The advertisements should portray the value of your brand.

Commercial printers near me’ can bring up businesses close to you that offer design and printing services with the top-notch equipment required to make high-quality prints today. These prints can be in a variety of forms:

Business cards or V cards



Catalogs and booklets

Posters, flyers, banners or corflute signs, 

Labels, stickers, and envelopes

Letterheads, NCR/carbonless books

Invitations or cards

Presentation folders

Prints for your organization can also be customized as per your every whim. Commercial printing also gives you a lot of options.  

The services that commercial printing can offer you are:

Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Die Cutting

Specialty Stock



Wide Format Printing

UV Spot/Varnishing

Search for ‘commercial printers near me’ to get any designs professionally printed.