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What Should You Do During Workout For Maximum Results?

While the exercise is 20%, this is a spark – without it there is no fire. So you want to make sure your practice is the best it can be – and make sure the rest of your day is a success.

How good you are at the gym depends on how well you work out outside. The pre-workout diet is designed to position you for the best workout of your life. You can also get more information about workout at

What do we want from the pre-workout diet?

• We want to be alert and focused – your time at the gym is not when you want your mind to get foggy, gloomy, or distracted.

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• We want the energy for a great workout.

So basically we need stimulants and fuel / energy.

Given the general health and wellness topics on this website, I forgot to recommend nicotine and Coca-Cola – do you feel me?

It gives me caffeine (coffee) and taurine (energy drink like Red Bull or Monster). And honestly, coffee beats energy drinks every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

So stick with it. I recommend black coffee if you can try it but if you need to add sugar / milk – feel free to do so. Remember, all of these additions add up to calories – and make sure you count them.

Again – I wouldn't recommend sweets – one because they cause big jumps and then the next drop in energy levels, but also because they are ACTUALLY too heavy for calories. Plus, your teeth will rot.