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Recent Advances In Sewer Drain Cleaning Technology

Drain and sewer pipes have been used for a long time in various forms. It's difficult to believe, but up to the end of the hundred years or more, repairing any clog that was merely in the drain of a sewer was a huge undertaking that required a lot of digging, locating, and even labor.

Nowadays, thanks to the advancement of technology plumbing and sewer drain cleaning professionals can locate and repair broken pipes and clog swiftly and efficiently, often without the need to even dig the pipes. Drain video cameras, drain snake augers, and the high-pressure systems for water jetting have created a professional drain cleaning service as an essential and cost-effective option for both business and residential homeowners.

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The drain video camera is the newest advancement in sewer cleaning technology, which allows plumbers to look inside the pipes without digging. A tiny camera that is located near the terminal of an elastic cable is pulled through the drain and a picture is then sent to a connected closed-circuit television device. Expert drain cleaners can discover many details using this method, such as the place where a blockage or crack is located, what's needed to fix it, and the materials a drainage pipe or drain is made out of.

If you can determine the tree root is at the root of the clog in your drain (a frequent issue in older clay drains made of tile) and the issue can be fixed swiftly and easily with the help of a drain snake auger. Drain snakes turn an auger with a high-powered motor on one end of steel cable that removes obstructions, allowing water to move freely down the drain.