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Reasons You Should Try A Contrast Collar Shirt

When you're wearing a contrast collar shirt, it's easy to stand out. The piece is designed to draw attention because of its bold colors or patterns. 

The 3 Main Benefits Of Contrast Collar Shirts

If you're looking for a versatile shirt that can be dressed up or down, a contrast pullover is a good option.

Here are three main benefits of contrast collar shirts:

1. They look great with any outfit.

2. They can be worn in any weather condition.

3. They are comfortable to wear all day long.

How To Select A Collar Shirt

When selecting a contrast collar shirt, the key factors to consider are the style and shade of the collar, the type of fabric used, and the fit. 

To find a stylish contrast collar shirt, look for shirts with light-colored collars that are either slightly rounded or notched. Avoid shirts with sharply pointed collars, as they will look dated. For a more modern look, go for shirts with plain or lightly textured collars. 

When choosing a shirt made from fabric, be sure to consider its texture and weight. A thin cotton shirt will not offer as much protection from the elements as a heavier cotton option will. In addition, lightweight fabrics may feel too cool in warmer climates. For those same reasons, a heavyweight fabric is often better suited for colder climates. 

Finally, make sure to choose a shirt that fits well. A snug fit will keep the collar from flapping in the wind and will keep your body heat trapped close to your skin. A loose fit will allow air to circulate more easily, making you less warm on cold days.