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Reasons why you might want to be using Telegram

1. Channels

Channels are like groups and can have members of any size. The channel's creator decides who can make posts and who is able to view posts. You can watch various channels through

2. Unlimited server storage

Telegram offers unlimited storage, which means that every text message image, file, and documents will be stored in their secure cloud. You can leave and sign in multiple times from any device at the same time without losing any data. 

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3. Media compression

Users are able to choose you want to reduce the size of your image or video or to send an uncompressed version.

4. Multi-platform support

Telegram is accessible to users of Android, iOs, Windows, Mac OS, and using any web browser.

5. Secret chat

A chat that has end to complete encryption. The messages will be deleted automatically at the point when the timer reaches. It's possible that it's not able to be hacked in any manner.

6. Bots

It is a part of the software that is based upon AI or machine learning on a smaller scale. It is able to perform a variety of tasks. For instance, an image bot could retrieve images using the name.

There are a variety of bots. Most popular bots include Image bots and sticker bots. GIF bot is another popular bot and gif.

7. Voice calls and video calls

The most recent version of telegram allows both video and voice calls, which was not available for a long period of time when in comparison to WhatsApp. The experience for users of this feature across both platforms is nearly identical. There isn't any significant distinction.