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All About Finger Sucking Or Thumb sucking In Children

Finger sucking or thumb sucking is a habit that occurs in several babies. Your child will normally give up this habit by the age of four. 

However, if the thumb sucking habit remains after the permanent teeth have erupted, your child may experience crooked teeth and a deformed roof of the mouth. You can also get the best finger sucking prevention via

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This is the result of the pressure that the thumb exerts on the teeth and the roof of the mouth. The severity of the difficulty depends on the intensity, frequency, duration, and also the position of the thumb in the mouth. 

The connection between the upper and lower jaws can also be altered. Speech errors can result from misaligned teeth caused by finger sucking and/or thumb sucking.


a) The best prevention is asking the newborn to take the pacifier instead of sucking the thumb or finger. (Although the pacifier can cause such problems with prolonged use, at least the pacifier is not attached to the child and can be removed).

b) Children should be helped to stop the habit before entering school to avoid irritation.

c) Timing of treatment is important. Your child should be ready to stop finger sucking or thumb sucking. If your child is not ready to stop, therapy is not normally indicated. The pressure you put on quitting can only lead to resistance and a lack of cooperation. 

d) Give your kids attention and kindly discourage the habit. Reminders like a band-aid on the thumb can benefit.