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The Benefits of Healthy Eating In Vaughan

Eating a healthy diet has many health benefits including maintaining optimal weight, preventing disease, and boosting your mood. In general, healthy eating starts with making good food choices. A healthy diet includes nutrient-dense foods from all major food groups, including lean protein, whole grains, and healthy fats, and eliminates or reduces significantly processed foods.

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Healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce the risk of many chronic health problems. However, being overweight or obese significantly increases the chances of serious illness, including:

• Heart disease

• Some types of cancer

• Type 2 diabetes

• Osteoporosis

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Many healthy foods, including vegetables, fruits, and nuts, are lower in calories and full of healthy nutrients. They also have a higher fiber content. Fiber plays an important role in weight control. It helps regulate hunger by making you feel full longer and also helps to eliminate it.

Better mood

Research shows that there may be a strong link between diet and mood. In 2016, researchers found that a high-glycemic load diet can lead to increased symptoms of fatigue and depression.

High glycemic foods include refined carbohydrates or simple sugars. Examples of this type of food include sweet drinks, white bread, crackers, pastries, and pastries. In contrast, vegetables, whole grains, whole grains, and lean protein have a lower glycemic load.

Improve gut health

A healthy gut or colon contains sufficient amounts of natural bacteria to support digestion, metabolism, and overall health. An unhealthy diet high in sugar and low in fiber alters the gut microbiome, leading to increased inflammation and poor health.

A diet high in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, and also low in sugar, provides prebiotics and probiotics that allow healthy bacteria to thrive in your gut.