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The Benefits of a Country Wedding

A country wedding can be a picturesque and intimate affair with just the couple and their closest family and friends in attendance.  Here are some of the benefits of having a country wedding: 

You get to enjoy the fresh, natural atmosphere of the countryside 

Country weddings often have a more relaxed feeling about them, as guests are more likely to be close to each other than at an urban wedding. This leads to a more comfortable and fun celebration which will be remembered for years to come. If you want, you may hire the best  Country wedding venues in Cairns through  

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You can tailor the ceremony and reception to your own personal preferences 

Unlike many city weddings, where you may have little say in what happens, at a country wedding you can design every aspect yourself, from the ceremony format to the menu selection. This gives you complete control over how your day turns out – making it one of the most special aspects of your big day.

There’s no need to spend hours traipsing around town looking for the perfect location 

One of the great things about having a country wedding is that you don’t have to spend hours traipsing around town looking for the perfect location. Many couples opt for ceremonies outside in beautiful rural settings or receptions in stunning manor homes .