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Everything You Need to Know About Installing Skylights in Your Home

Skylights can be a great way to increase natural light in your home. One skylight can transform a room by providing 30% more natural lighting than a window. You can save energy and keep your home warm in winter by using a skylight. You can click here to get the best skylights for your home.

A quality 2×4-foot skylight with a flashing kit and a good quality roof may appear inexpensive. You should add $3000 to your installation cost. You should first evaluate whether a skylight is right for you. Up until recently, a roof slope was used to determine if a skylight could be installed. Special tools and techniques are required for flat roofs or steeper roofs. 

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These questions will help you determine if your house needs a skylight. Are there trusses on your roof? Truss framing usually measures 24 inches in the middle and can accommodate a 2-foot skylight. To install something larger, you will need to cut directly through the truss. This can cost you an extra $300 if you hire a structural engineer.

Clear your attic space You should inspect your attic for plumbing, HVAC, and wiring.

Are skylights suitable for your home's architecture? Skylights are a neutral element that will blend with most homes, but they can affect the curb appeal of older homes.

A solar light tube can do the same job. It is approximately 20% cheaper than a skylight and can light up an area of around 600 sq. 1 ft.


The Best Skylights

Even low-end skylights can be equipped with UV protection and insulated glasses. Fixed skylights can be purchased for between $150 and $400. There are many options available from manufacturers that can help you control the amount of light coming into your home and improve ventilation.


Manual venting skylights that need to be manually opened by hand via a crank can run up to $500.

A remote-operable electronic skylight costs approximately $1000. The skylight also comes with a rain sensor that will shut it off when it rains.

Mini blinds can be fitted to some skylights, which allow you to fine-tune the amount of light that you get. You can operate this using a remote control or a stick crank. These blinds are about $400.