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Vinyl Vehicle Wraps – How Long Does It Take?

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps are one of the very cost-effective ways of advertising for small business owners. Perhaps one of the hottest questions I get on an everyday basis would be, "How Long Does The Process Take", therefore I presumed the answer might be of significance if shared with anybody interested in auto wraps. If you are looking for auto vinyl wraps in Thousand Oaks then you can navigate to

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The full procedure is split into 4- key Places, consultation, design, production, and setup, so it's important to know what's demanded.

The initial consultation

This phase is one of the very important, as it permits the Company Owner to communicate his or her aim with the designer. Success will be dependent upon how well the message is communicated and the capacity of the Marketing Expert or the Designer, to extract. Ideally, a formalized process ought to be used to extract the info that was necessary if you are focused on Vehicle Graphics Marketing.

The Design Process

Success at the design phase is dependent upon the Designer that can fit the expectation of the Business Owner. To the vehicle pictures design changes have been needed in many cases, either what was hauled, or as the information was not correctly known isn't in keeping with what was initially designed.

Printing and production

Once the design is approved, there is a high-resolution printable variation made for the front, sides, rear, roof, and windows. This procedure usually takes three to five hours until they are ready to print. The print will require between 3 – 8 hours depending upon the number of pictures.


The automobile is washed and also professional installers apply the vehicle images. This is a very tedious process and will usually take between 4- 8 hours depending upon the vehicle's size and the quantity of coverage. On trucks and van wraps that are large, it is a two-day endeavor for 2 contractors.