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What Type Of Visa Is Right For You?

There are so many visa categories and so many ways to get them. You can find dozens of potential visas as well as over a dozen other methods of securing American residence. There are many different factors that can help you determine which visa is right for you. You can also take professional student visa counseling via

Which US Visa Is Right for You?

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Before getting the counseling you need to ask yourself some questions such as how much time do you plan to spend in the US? Will you have to stay for a while, a few months, a few years, or maybe permanently? If you're only staying for a few days, or maybe a month or two, you may need to figure out how to get a tourist visa.

You cannot do many things with this visa, such as: B. Have a job. However, you can travel around the United States for business or pleasure. If you are planning to stay for several years, you will definitely need a long-term visa which will allow you to get a work permit and stay longer. If you want to stay forever, you must know how to get a green card which is also known as official permanent residence.

The desire to stay in the United States permanently is known as a demonstration of "immigrant intent," and any consulate who happens to apply for a visa is unlikely to choose to grant you a short-term visa if that happens. it is assumed that you suspect you will stay. permanent. For this reason, it is important to know which visa category is right for you.