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Wedding Videographer in Cairns – Things to Watch For When Hiring

If you have little or no experience of taking a video, it can be difficult to know whether a wedding videographer is really a skilled professional or just bluffing. A little research can help shed some light on the answers your potential videographer has given and whether they are good or bad.

A wedding is a very special occasion and should be treated as such. Do not expect wedding videographer you are interviewing to tell you everything you need to know. It is in their best interest to convince you to hire them. Make sure you opt for professional wedding videography in Cairns. 

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"I use natural lighting!"

Everyone knows that lighting plays a factor in taking any kind of video. Logically, you might ask your videographer about it. Marriages are not all the same. His or her previous experience could have been with primarily indoor weddings, and maybe yours is an outdoor ceremony.

On the other hand, every location offers different shadows and lighting. The time of day could also be a factor. A professional videographer should not use natural lighting only. This basically shows they are unwilling (or unable) to provide the right equipment to ensure clear shots no matter how bright or dark the settings are. 

Sound Check the Wedding Videographer

In many ways, the videographer has more responsibility than the photographer. They will be required to capture motion and sound as well as images. Make sure you ask about the types of microphones they use. poor sound equipment will generate low-quality sound and music to accompany your wedding video.