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Transportation And Sale Of Controlled Substance Charges In Denver

Transportation And Sale Of Controlled Substance Charges In Denver

Police in Denver, have continued their fight against the ever-expanding drug market. Most people refer to this as "drug dealing" and it can result in serious penalties and punishments to an individual if they are convicted. 

The justice system dedicates significant amounts of time and resources to combating drug crimes and is highly motivated to make arrests. Every year, many people are wrongly arrested or people that would be better served in a rehabilitation center are spending time in jails and prisons.

The consequences of transportation and sale of controlled substances in Denver can be very harsh depending on a variety of factors, however, if you have been arrested you always have options. One of the first things to do is contact an attorney at Decker and Jones.

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Consequences of "drug dealing" in Denver

A variety of factors are considered when classifying the charge for selling, transporting, or possessing controlled substances to sell them. Any of the aforementioned drug dealing charges are considered to be a felony in Denver; however, some mitigating factors such as the type, amount, previous criminal record, and whether minors are involved are also considered. 

Proposition 36 and other alternatives

Denver's proposition 36 offers a possible alternative to individuals meeting certain criteria.Proposition 36 allows for a person to enter into drug education and counseling rather than being subjected to serving jail time. The diversion program may also be an option and dismisses the case after a specified period has passed and certain requirements have been fulfilled. 


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