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Types of Storm Doors

Types of Storm Doors

There are three main types of storm doors: hinged, sliding, and French doors. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to choose the right one for your needs. Here's a brief overview of each type:

Hinged Storm Doors: These are the most common type of storm door. They hinge out of the way when you open them, providing easy access to your patio or balcony. They have a threshold that you step over, so they're not suitable for use in high-traffic areas.If you want, to learn more about storm doors installation oshawa please visit website 

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Sliding Storm Doors: These doors are similar to hinged storm doors in that they hinge out of the way, but they also have a track on the floor that you can slide them along. This makes them great for areas with a lot of traffic, as you can open them from either side without having to go through the threshold.

French Doors: French doors are the most popular type of door because they provide both privacy and ventilation. They open up into your patio or balcony and have movable panels that can be closed to create a closed space.

Professional Installation: Pros 

-Typically have more accurate measurements 

-Can be customized to fit your specific needs

-Can include features like security cameras or rain sensors

DIY Installation: Pros 

-Typically cheaper than professional installation

-Can be done in less time than professional installation

-Can include more features than professional installation such as security cameras or rain sensors.

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