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How To Get The Most Cost-Effective Antibodies

The western blot, also called protein immunoblot, is widely used as an analytical technique for the detection of specific proteins in a sample of tissue extract. To know about antibody you can search various medical stores online like bosterbio.

Featured with large capacity, higher sensitivity, and specificity, the western blot has been the most widely used method to detect protein properties, such as qualitative and quantitative disclosure of tissue antigens, the grade of peptide molecules, as well as the discovery of virus antibodies or antigens.

This technique, to be brief, is to stain the protein handled by gel electrophoresis with specific antibodies and then to move the stained protein on the membrane, which consequently enables the researchers to acquire the data expressed by the particular protein in the examined cell or tissue.

The title western blot was given due to its similarity with the process of Southern blot, a method for DNA detection developed earlier. It has an important rule in the experiments in the fields of immunogenetics, molecular biology, and other molecular biology disciplines.

Measures are taken throughout the experiment:

Tissue Preparation: Samples are taken from whole tissue or cell culture

Gel electrophoresis: Proteins of the sample are separated using gel electrophoresis that's used to solve the issue of cross-reactivity of antibodies.

Thousands of immunoglobulins can be used in the different western blotting. One of these (both polyclonal and monoclonal) is the Anti-CDC25C monoclonal immunoglobulin, which is also called Mouse monoclonal immunoglobulin Anti-Human CDC25C. This immunoglobulin is generated from a rat immunized with recombinant protein.