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Steps of Rolling a Glass Blunt Filter For Making Joints?

There are many ways to browse through premium blunt filters for the perfect size and shape for a joint or cigarette. The way to do this is as follows:

1. Place the borosilicate glass blunt filter on one side of the paper with the sticky side facing up and toward you. You need to roll two grout, one thicker and longer and one shorter, about the thickness of the glass filter.

2. Take the previously ground grass and place it on the paper. You want a little less of the filter and a little more in the end to get that conical shape. After turning, plug the larger joint with the needle near the end, about two-thirds of the end of the glass filter.

3. Take the bottom of the paper (nonstick side) and press the tops together. With a needle, poke near the top, about two-thirds of the glass filter.

4. After widening the holes on both sides, try to push the thinner joints through the holes at both ends. Start forming joints by pressing the weeds down and also sliding the bottom of the paper down.

Use a small piece of a strip of tape (cut the top of the paper with scissors) to secure the cross-section so it doesn't fall off.