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Do You Know How Is Dizziness Treated?

It depends on the reason for the dizziness. In many cases this may simply clear up on its own – if it doesn’t then there are a number of other options that your doctor may recommend:

Treatments. This could include a diuretic pill (water pill) or medications that are designed to help your body deal with anxiety. If the cause is a migraine then there are specific medications that can help to prevent this from happening. There are also some drugs that are specifically for the purpose of dealing with vertigo or nausea. You can get the best dizziness & vertigo physical therapy clinic in Edmonton.

Therapy. Some therapies can also be incredibly useful when it comes to treating dizziness. For example, balance therapy is a process of learning specific exercises that help your body to adjust so that you are less sensitive to motion. If your dizziness is being caused by anxiety then psychotherapy may be an option. Canalith repositioning can also be useful – this is the repositioning of your head over one or two treatments.

Surgical options. If treatments and therapy don’t work – or if the cause of the dizziness requires it – surgical options may be the best way forward. This may include injections into a damaged ear so that the other ear takes over the balance function and dizziness disappears or a labyrinthectomy to achieve the same results. 

If you regularly experience dizziness there are also things that you can do for yourself, including avoiding caffeine, salt, and smoking, which can all make symptoms like this worse, and ensuring that you’re drinking enough water and getting plenty of rest.