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Car Detailing Tips For an Optimum Performance In Capalaba

Here we discuss in detail about the process of vehicle detail in Capalaba:

First, pour plenty of car wash or, alternatively, dish soap into a bucket of water. Remember, dish soap is a great tool for removing grease, dirt, and grime. Plus, they're both paint-friendly and hand-friendly. 

Car Detailing

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Wash your car thoroughly, in tight places such as door handles and even between the spokes of the wheels. Use only microfiber clothing to avoid fine scratching with a washcloth.

The sound process follows. Spray the area with a car wash mixture. You will then need to kneel on a small piece of clay that you can comfortably hold with your fingers and rub it into the area that was sprayed. 

Use the front and back movements for the top of the car and the up and down movements for the sides of the car. Rub the same area until you feel it move smoothly over the paint. 

The next step is to apply nail polish to reduce hairline cracks. Use a circular motion to scrub the small area on top of the car, moving from front to back to the side of the car, and finish in an up and down motion. The entire car detailing process can take up to 5 hours, but the final result will make you smile big and travel brilliantly.