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Keeping Quiet Makes Domestic Violence Even Worse

Victims may suffer from more than one form of domestic violence and continue to suffer in silence while the other family members and the public look on, knowing but not doing anything about it. 

It perpetuates domestic violence.

Lots going on in the name of family honour. Only female members of the family – sister, mother, daughter and son in law were sacrificed at the altar of honour. If you are one of them, visit for help.

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Usually, if a wife is a victim he would choose to endure all piled on him. He can take on physical violence, have restricted movement, humiliation heard and controlled but he would not oppose it or take legal action. It would embarrass him and his family so that they are piled on her violations and continue to do so. It continues. family members see and do anything because of it being a "private" matter.

Society consists of neighbours and relatives, and rest knowing fully well about domestic violence but no one dared to interfere. "It's not our business," they said. Such things happen everywhere and have become the accepted way of thinking. 

Perpetrators of domestic violence continue to know people do not care and will not excommunicate him. the law would not intervene or interfere. Need complaint and no one complained that the law only remains bound.