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Mother Plants – Tips to Grow Healthy Mother Plants In Michigan

Mother plants are essential for maintaining a sustainable reproductive system. Strong mother plants are the first step in making perfect cuttings. Cuttings turn into slow and sometimes weak plants.

Delicate clones are very susceptible to pest and disease problems. Plants are already under enormous stress and can die with unknown attacks. If you want to know more about mother plants and their cloning you can browse this site

Here are some tips for keeping your plants healthy and, inevitably, picking up stronger cuttings.

1. Cut yellow, brown, dry, withered, and dead leaves – Dying leaves are a great place for insects. Your favorite plant can lose energy trying to save dying leaves. Cut your losses and focus on new growth.

2. Use minimal amounts of nutrients – salt attack and over-fertilization are the last things you want to transfer to the clone.

3. Try Mother Plant Nutritional Formulas – it works quite well. In indoor garden magazines, this seems to create a lot of noise.

4. Use a large container if you want to remove many clones from a large mother plant – the roots are an important part of strong, healthy growth. The dense root zone allows your mother plant to recover from cuttings faster. Bigger roots mean bigger plants.

5. Water frequently – Use a drip system or hydroponic method to ensure your parent plant is getting as much water as it needs.

6. Do not cut more than 20% of healthy vegetables at once. Taking too many cuttings at the same time can be stressful for your parent plant.

Plants need to recover, but can slow growth because of the amount of energy need to recover. Plants need leaves to capture sunlight for photosynthesis.

Watch out for insects and pests; inspect your plants with a magnifying glass. You never know what you might find.