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Super Effective Tips for Teeth Cleaning

Properly caring for your teeth can make them appear shiny and white, but it can also benefit the health of not only your mouth but of your entire body.

Professional teeth whitening in Essex is the right option for teeth whitening and good oral health. Knowing the proper techniques to keep your teeth happy and healthy is extremely important. 

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Here’s a helpful tips of keeping your teeth nice and clean:

1. Proper Brushing

Everyone knows that they should brush their teeth, but when it comes to the specifics there is often some confusion. You should brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each session. The ideal times to establish this ritual are immediately upon waking and right before going to bed. 

Finally, avoid rinsing with water after brushing. While common, this practice actually prevents the ingredients in the toothpaste from performing to their potential. Simply spit out the excess and go about your day!

2. Limit tooth enemies

Foods with high levels of sugar and phosphorus can be damaging to teeth, as can certain substances like tobacco. It’s well-known that sugar is the sworn enemy of healthy teeth, yet it can be found in most of our favorite foods and beverages. 

Other drinks, like coffee and alcohol, can wear away at the teeth due to their acidity and tendency to dry the mouth out, creating a perfect environment for bacteria growth.