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How And When To Hire A Dyslexia Tutor In Charlotte

Teaching reading to a dyslexic learner takes time, dedication and hard work.  There is no quick fix and if anyone tells you that there is, they are probably trying to sell you something that you don’t need.  

It was once believed that a child may outgrow his or her reading struggles. Now research shows that this is not the case. Children with dyslexia grow up with dyslexia as adults. Early intervention can avoid learning gaps, but also emotional difficulties, which inevitably have to be clearly distinguished from people of the same age.

You can also check out kids summer reading camps & programs in Charlotte, NC to get rid of dyslexia.

Thanks in large part to the incredible research-based reading resources available today, parents and grandparents can teach dyslexic children how to read with one of these Orton Gillingham reading programs. Instructions must be consistent and intense enough to bring about change. Learning to read is hard work for children with dyslexia – even with the right curriculum!

If you are unable to provide your dyslexic child with intensive early intervention, consider hiring a teacher. If you are considering hiring a professional teacher for your child, you will want to know what their qualifications are.

Educational therapists should have appropriate training, specialized training and experience working with children with dyslexia. Many of the same principles apply as when selecting educational examiners.

Make appointments with prospective teachers and inquire about their education, experience and participation in current training courses that will keep them up to date with the latest research. Any educational therapist you hire should use all of the research-based methods that have been shown to work in children with dyslexia.