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Professional Teeth Whitening In Bend: Which Procedure Is Best For You?

Professional teeth whitening procedures are effective and comfortable. Although brushing with chalk, bark, and baking soda was the right choice for teeth whitening 200 years ago. Thanks to advances in dentistry, we can now keep our teeth clean and white without putting weird ideas in our mouths.

Now we can make an appointment with our dentist and in a few hours, our teeth will be white and shiny. Although having whiter teeth is aesthetically pleasing, great care needs to be taken when choosing a teeth whitening procedure. You can also get professional teeth whitening in Bend Oregon via

Professional Whitening Procedure

Many dentists now have more than one method of whitening teeth, depending on the situation. Clients have the option of choosing a treatment that can dramatically whiten teeth for a few hours in the dental chair or for several weeks at home with a prescription tray.

When choosing a whitening cosmetic procedure in the office, dentists usually apply the gel to the patient's teeth and then use a laser or light to activate the whitening agent in the gel. These techniques and variants are used in systems such as BriteSmile and Rembrandt Teeth Whitening.

If whitening treatments at the office cannot be done, you can ask your dentist to perform a similar procedure at home using a self-assembled tray and gel (stronger than all brands) that can be used directly at home.

However, it is one of the most effective ways to provide a cleaner, whiter smile, and it can even help clear up other defects such as broken or crooked teeth. Patients are concerned about this procedure, especially if they have sensitive teeth or gums.

The benefit of the teeth whitening treatment in the dental office is that it can accommodate sensitive teeth and gums because the dentist can carefully apply the gel to the patient's teeth to ensure that the gums are protected and the teeth are completely covered safely.