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Uses Of Timber In Building Homes

aTimbers are the most common and popular form of material for building homes. Timber material has great strength and durability by providing environment-friendly behavior. Here are some uses mentioned below:


There are many conifers, including many species of fur, pine, and spruce, which make up about 90% of all commonly used trees in the US and Europe. This tree is often found in the northern hemisphere. Most are conical and green, but there are a few exceptions. You can look upon here at some species of conifers that are tougher than hardwoods.

Conifers are used for the walls and floors of buildings used to transport minerals because they are cheaper and easier to replace. It is also used for fabrication panels for other commercial building bodies.


They come from deciduous trees and there are more than 2,000 varieties, including well-known species such as teak, ash, oak, and mahogany. Any basalt that is much softer than softwood is a hardwood because it is the structure that defines the group, not the structure.

Hardwoods are divided into two groups:

1. Tropical: They come from trees in India, Central Africa, and South America and include various types of mahogany, ebony, and teak.

2. Moderate: The varieties found in this group are oak, walnut, and ash, some of the temperate hardwoods found in the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia.