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Transmission Repair and Extended Warranty Coverage

 If a car is purchased new, any repair to the transmission is typically covered under a manufacturer's guarantee. What happens if the warranty of the manufacturer expires and something goes wrong with a component of the engine? In these instances, the buyer is accountable for the entire transmissions repair expense.

It could cost some thousand dollars to get your vehicle or truck returned to the roads. If you have an extended warranty, make sure you know the process and what part of the cost you'll be accountable for.


Selecting the right shop

There are some shops that specialize in repairs to transmissions and you might feel more comfortable taking your vehicle to a professional. Contact your warranty provider to determine if there are any repair shops they cooperate with. If you decide to go with one of your favorite shops, you could be able to avoid having to pay for the entire amount and having to wait until reimbursement. They will reimburse the repair shop directly.

Set up an appointment or get your car taken to the address. From there, a technician will look over the vehicle and let you know what is wrong. If you do have a powertrain problem, you can either get new parts or parts that have been remanufactured. The remanufactured parts cost less and come with a warranty to ensure that they last.