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A Basic Detailing Guide To Fuzz Boxes and Graphics Equalizers

A Basic Detailing Guide To Fuzz Boxes and Graphics Equalizers

The fuzz box was often included in wah-pedals during the sixties and seventies. Fuzz-wah is a form of distortion that applies the fuzz effect to the sound. These effects often have names that sound similar to the tone and sounds of the guitar when they are applied. You can learn more about guitar fuzz pedals via The VOX V847 Wah and Dunlop's Cry Baby are two of the most popular wah pedals.

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You will often hear the term voice when talking about electric guitar effects. Many effects are named after sounds that could be made with a human voice and are similar to the human voice. It is easy to see the similarities between the sound of an electric guitar and a human voice. This makes sense when you hear the effects and sounds generated.

Also, graphics equalizer is a term that you might hear in modern hi-fi equipment and digital music players. If you buy an electric guitar with an amplifier unit, graphics equalization may be an option. What is graphics equalization and how does it impact the sound or performance of an electric guitar?

Each note of a guitar is produced according to the assigned frequencies. Each frequency corresponds to a different note on the scale. Higher frequencies produce higher pitch notes, while lower frequencies make the lowest notes. The frequency of electric guitars is determined electronically. This is because the vibration of the string does not actually cause the note to be heard. It is actually the electric magnetic field that the pickup creates when the string moves next to it.

A graphics equalizer can manipulate the frequency of each note in many ways. It can alter the center or width of the frequency or apply other effects.

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