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Bubble Hockey – The Exciting Game That Never Ends

Bubble Hockey – The Exciting Game That Never Ends

Bubble hockey has become very popular nowadays and hence there are now many bubble hockey manufacturers all over the world. In 1969, three Brunswick engineers named Bob Kendrick, Brad Baldwin, and Phil Crossman invented air hockey to create a game that included frictionless surfaces. However, it took several years before air hockey was revived thanks to Bob Lemeuix, and then it was over.

Due to the immediate success of air hockey, tournaments were organized which eventually led to the World Balloon Hockey Championship. The game's popularity is greatest in the United States.. Later, air hockey moved to arcades and the tables were covered with plastic domes, creating the modern bubble hockey table we all know and love. But why do we love him so much? 

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Here are some reasons for its popularity:

  • Fast-paced gameplay – you won't have time to be bored here! Kids especially enjoy this as they can be active and make as much noise as they want.
  • Did we say noise? – Noise is another reason why people, especially children, like to play with it. The sound of the puck clicking as it hits the balloon hockey table gets everyone excited and we all know how wild kids can be.
  • Interactive play – Because it allows them to actively interact with friends and family and spark friendly competition, making the game more exciting and fun.
  • Magical – Children are easily fascinated and the sight of the puck floating in the air on the hockey table is magical for the child.

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